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Tongue'N Cheek® Dental PADS

The Next Generation in creating a Moisture-Free Environment

Every so often, a new product comes along and changes the way you work, raising the bar in safety, reliability, comfort and efficiency. Today's developments in cotton fiber technology promise to revolutionize one of the most widely used and traditional staples of dentistry : the faithful old cotton roll. Tongue'N Cheek® Dental PADS present a newer and better method of controlling and preventing moisture.

Replace Cotton Rolls in Everyday Dentistry

Tongue'N Cheek® Dental PADS' innovative lock-away core absorbs significantly more saliva than the old-fashioned cotton roll, which means less material to get in the way of your work and more comfort for your patients. In addition, the unique snag-less fibers of Tongue'N Cheek prevent you from accidentally destroying drills or other equipment. The future is more cost-effective for you because a single Tongue'N Cheek® Dental PAD will often last an entire procedure – absorbing incredible amounts of fluid.


TNC PADS come in a compact convenient, ziplock re-sealable pack of 200 - ideal for the dental office.